logo-foire-aux-questions Who are we ?

AssurMix is an insurance and reinsurance broker registered under the ORIAS n ° 11062302

3 rue de Liège 75009 PARIS - RCS PARIS n°533151677
Telephone number : +33 (0)9 69 39 32 75

Assurski, Assursport, Assurkids, Assurfranchise and Assurveto are trademarks of AssurMix.

Nous trouver Our online products ?


Online ski insurance !

The specialist for ski and sports insurance in Europein case of accidents (Covering Helicoper rescue, Ski pass, Ski lessons, off-pisten extreme snow sports).

From € 2,75 /day.


Online sports insurance !

When practicising sports, an accident can happen at any time, even for the best of us.

A sports insurance brings you the full cover for costly expenss suc as helicopter search, medical repatriation, payback of unused sport lessons etc...

Just like Assurski, Assursport is valid all over Europe (Covering Helicopter rescue, Lift pass, Sport lessons, off-piste, extreme sports including snow sports), from € 2,75 /day.


Online school insurance !

The specialist for kids a school!, Assurkids covers your children for compulsory, optional school activities and off school activities 24/7 depending on your needs.

Assurkids adapts to all budgets with its 'Facility' promotional formula, at € 6,99 /year

From nursery school to 26 years old !


Buying back your deductibles !

Covering your car insurance deductible ! Most insurance contracts provide for a deductible that remains at your own expenses in the event of a accident.
An unexpected budget that Assurfranchise reimburses you for.

Assurfranchise covers the deductible of your car, motorcycle and property insurance policies. Choose one or all three at a time.

€ 30,00 single free
€ 52,00 multiple free.


Online dog and cat insurance !

The pet insurance Veterinary and hospitalization costs are unpredictable and can affect your budget at any time.

Protect your best companion for Accidents and illnesses of life and be
reimbursed up to € 2000.
Subscription applies from 3 months up to 7 years passed.

€ 6,48 for cats
€ 8,10 for dogs