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Insurance solutions for everyone

Assurmix is an insurance broker specialized in selling insurance products online. Assurmix designs its own products, they are different from the common one such as: Car, Motorcycle, Home or Health insurance.

The main force of Assurmix is the capability of listening each client. You can reach us anytime trough our portal:, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can also contact us from Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5.30pm by phone or by email (All info at: contact us )

Assurmix is registered at the ORIAS under the number: 110 623 02, it offers all the financial guarantees necessary to allow you to subscribe without any risk.

In 2019, Assurmix launched a new web portal that regroups all our insurance products at one place. With this new portal, Assurmix has also regrouped all its websites with only one login per customer. This allows each client to avoid creating multiple accounts in each site of Assurmix as it was before.

From one place our clients will have access to all their contracts at once.

Assurmix Our insurance products

The insurance broker Assurmix was born in 2011, and has since ceased to put online new insurance offers such as:

Only Assurmix offers these products on the same portal available at any time of the day with a secure payment by credit card via our secure payment platform Payline.

Assurmix Our insurers

Assurmix uses insurers established for years on the French market to guarantee its products:

Chubb (Formerly ACE) is the insurer of the product Assurkids.

BASTION insurer of Assurski, Assursport and Assurfranchise products.

SEYNA for the product Assurveto.

Assurmix Our clients

B2B2C customers of Assurmix

Assurmix Our team

Personnel d'assurmix Richard Manager, 20 years of career in insurance and services that revolve around.
Personnel d'assurmix Eric Accountant, Administration and Graphic Designer at our hours, our Swiss army knife!
Personnel d'assurmix Charlotte Specialist of the insurance Dog and Cat but also of our other products.
Personnel d'assurmix Benjamin Responsible for the development of our various websites.

Ski Insurance

Assurmix has developed the ski insurance Assurski for winter sports and winter sports enthusiasts skiing. It covers you during your sports activities in the mountains and elsewhere in case of accident.

Guarantees range from the payment of relief (very expensive in the mountains, winter) to medical repatriation, in case of extreme gravity. A guarantee of reimbursement of medical expenses in addition to social security and mutual insurance is also available up to € 1,500.

You can find all the product information in our products Assurski website.

The subscription is done online with a payment by credit card. You receive your certificate of insurance in the wake by email. This allows you to subscribe from the edge of the tracks, if you forgot to do it in advance.

Assurski is also an insurance that adapts to the duration of your sports activity. You can subscribe for one day (€ 2.75) up to 1 full year (€ 49.99). This is the most comprehensive and cheapest ski insurance offer on the market (cheaper than at the resort).

Assurski can be subscribed by all residents of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway (+ UK). Assurski is valid worldwide with a limitation to Europe * for the guarantee of medical repatriation (all other services are provided outside Europe).

With Assurski, in case of accident you will have a refund of your ski or snowboard lessons, as well as a refund of your stay or season package. This type of guarantee does not exist in other types of insurance and fully justifies the subscription of Assurski.

Assurski covers you during off-piste or ski touring, with or without the presence of a mountain professional (Guide or ski instructor / Snowboard). This is important, when we know that the help for any off-piste starting from a point of a ski resort is assimilated to a relief in the ski area of the station. It is therefore paying for the practitioner. It is not uncommon to have to pay € 1,500 for helicopter rescue, leaving without insurance is simply inconceivable.

Some stations are increasingly using helicopter rescue for any intervention far from the bottom of the slopes. Again, taking ski insurance is an obligation in view of the cost of it.

Assurski also covers all clients for any other type of sport excluding:

  • Mountaineering above 5,000 meters     
  • The Bobsleigh     
  • The Skeleton     
  • The Olympic Luge     
  • The hunting of dangerous animals     
  • Air sports (Covered with Assursport )     
  • Mechanical Sports (Covered with Assursport )

*: Europe: European Union, Switzerland, Norway and the Principalities of Andorra, Monaco and Liechtenstein.

Sport Insurance

The Sport Insurance, Assursport has been designed for sportsmen touch to everything for fans of Multisport activities who will go skiing or snowboarding in the winter, board, dive or ride a mountain bike in the summer for example

Assursport covers all sports including motor and aerial sports if you subscribe to this option.

As for our product of ski insurance Assurski, Assursport covers you in case of accident during your practice, around the world and 24h / 24.

Here's a quick summary of the warranties:

  • o Repatriation Assistance (In Europe * only) => 10 000 €     
  • o Search and Rescue Fee: 50 000 €     
  • o Sports Equipment Insurance: 180 € (Rental - 8 days)     
  • o Sport Civil Liability: € 150,000 Corporal / 45,000 Equipment     
  • o Medical Expenses: 1 500 €     
  • o Reimbursement of the package and Sport courses: 200 € package / 400 € Course     
  • o Interruption of stay and / or sports activity     
  • o Individual Accident / Death: € 10,000

All its guarantees taken together do not exist elsewhere, either in the VISA Premier or Master Card Gold cards, or in the Repatriation Assistance contracts related to your Auto or Residential contracts, for example.

The price of the individual product is 2.75 € per day or 49.99 € per year which places it among the best offer available on the market. The specialists of aerial and mechanical sports will be able to equip them with the annual product proposed at 115,50 € per year. Note that we also have a basic family offer (without air sports or motor sports) at € 105.60 and an offer including air sports and family mechanics at € 209 per year. With these 4 options, you can easily tailor your sports insurance to your level of practice.

It should be known that during a sports accident, the ancillary expenses can quickly quantify, despite the reimbursements that everyone can have with the social security or its mutual health. It is not uncommon to have reimbursement overruns in terms of health expenses (exceeding doctors' fees), pharmacy fees (for all trauma equipment such as kneepads or pegs for example), and finally finding a multisport coverage for less than 50 € is a very good investment in the long run.

Also be aware that the mountain law leaves the possibility to all municipalities to charge mountain rescue, including helicopter rescue, even outside ski resorts. It is at this time essential to go to the mountains with insurance in case of accident.

*: Europe: European Union, Switzerland, Norway and the Principalities of Andorra, Monaco and Liechtenstein.

School Insurance

Assurkids offers you a complete range of school insurance ranging from a form without liability to only € 6.99 per year has an ultra complete formula that will cover your child from nursery up to these higher education in school time and extra-school for € 20 per year.

Assurkids is very easy to subscribe, in just three pages, and once your credit card payment validated, you will receive your certificate of school insurance in pdf format directly in your mailbox, in addition to being also available for download at the end of the subscription and H24 on the personal space of the customer.

Assurkids has developed the 100% dematerialized school insurance to avoid unnecessary mailing, but if it turns out that you wish to receive your certificate by mail, just check sending by mail for only 2 €.

Here are our 4 detailed Assurkids offers:

  • - EASY - 6.99 € per year: Offer Single accident only (requested by schools if you use the RC of your home insurance). Facility has been specially created to avoid subscribing to guarantees that everyone can find in existing insurance contracts. It avoids unnecessarily paying a guarantee (the RC). You will have to present two attestations to the secretariat of your school, the ASSURKIDS certificate for the individual accident and the certificate of RC Private life of your home insurer.
  • - SECURITY - 9.99 € per year: RC offer (Civil liability) + Individual accident at school only. Security is the cheapest comprehensive contract. His certificate is sufficient to enroll your child in school, however, it will not be covered on peri and extra-curricular activities.
  • - SIMPLICITY - 16 € per year: Extra-curricular offer H / 24. Simplicité is our first Extra-Scolar offer at an ultra competitive rate. It contains, the individual accident, the RC, the medical expenses with covers for break of telescope or breakage of an orthodontic apparatus.
  • - TRANQUILITY - 20 € per year: Extra-curricular offer H / 24 with better guarantees in broken glasses and hearing and dental devices than on the simplicity formula.

Why pay more for your school insurance? Choose to pay for the bare necessities and without unnecessary guarantees. You can also compare Assurkids with one of the historic leaders of the school insurance by clicking on our MAE-ASSURKIDS school insurance comparison .

Assurkids is insured by the US insurer CHUBB, based in France.
Chubb is the largest insurer in the world, is based in 54 countries and is the result of the merger following the acquisition of Chubb by ACE, in 2017.

For France Chubb is at the following address:

Chubb European Group SE
Le Colisée, 8 Avenue de l'Arche 92419 Courbevoie Cedex
Paris, France

*: Europe: European Union, Switzerland, Norway and the Principalities of Andorra, Monaco and Liechtenstein.

Franchise repurchase insurance

The auto or motorcycle franchise buyback insurance , what is it?

It is simply, in addition to your car or motorcycle insurance "All risks" (Damages), when you have a responsible accident (noted as such in your statement of information) benefited from the reimbursement of your deductible at the level of amount taken by your car or motorcycle insurance. Only claims exceeding the value of the insurer's excess are taken into account. In other words, your insurer must pay you even one euro to recover your deductible.

The guarantee is limited to one claim per year and requires that you have no penalty at the day of the accident (CRM <1).

One formula does not cover parking and flights (Available online on ) and another (available by phone +33 (0)9 69 39 32 75) which covers parking and flights.

Know that there is also a cover called Multifranchises and that covers the maximum in the same contract: a car, a motorcycle and a house (Apartment or house).

4 levels of deductibles exist for all our products: 300 €, 500 €, 750 € and 1 000 € of refundable deductible. In the simple franchise formula, prices range from € 30 to € 74 per year.

Knowing that between an all-risk car deal with or without deductible, there can easily be a difference of 350 € to 450 €.

Our Franchise Simple Plus product that covers parking and theft will cost you between € 45 and € 111. A price well below the price of the franchise suppression of your RC-Damage Auto or Moto contract.

Our Assurfranchise offer only covers private vehicles (Gray cards in the name of a legal person are not accepted).

Franchise surrenders for rental vehicles are not covered.

Animal Insurance

Assurveto offers comprehensive insurance for our four-legged friends, I have named dogs and cats.

We all know that veterinary fees can rise very quickly (operations, exams, hospitalization), even daily care (vaccine, flea / tick or dewormer) are a budget.

Assurvéto offers to help you regarding veterinary expenses for your 4-legged companions (dog and cat) with formulas adapted to your needs and your budget.

The 4 formulas of dog / cat insurance are offered from accident cover that is ideal to guard against hard knocks following an accident of your pet. To know that very often, following an accident, it is necessary to go through a surgical act or an orthopedic treatment with amounts of care which can quickly exceed 1 500 €.

The other three formulas, Budget, Tranquility and Serenity will cover your dog or your cat (or both 😉) in accident and illness, for veterinary or surgical consultations. We highly recommend one of these three offers, as it will be useful to you regardless of the veterinarian's diagnosis. Only your monthly budget will determine if you can access the refund 100% or not. It is obvious that the 100% Serenity formula will be the unsurprising formula that best guarantees your pet.

Here are our 4 formulas:

  • - Accident : it covers you 100% of the expenses of consultations, medical expenses and surgical expenses up to 1 200 € in the event of an accident.
    Dog from 9 € per month
    Chat from 7,20 € per month
  • - Budget : 60% of the costs will be reimbursed up to 1500 € in case of accident and illness. You get more with this formula in the year of a vaccine, flea / tick, sterilization, descaling and euthanasia .
    Dog from 25,40 € per month
    Cat from 20,40 € per month
  • - Tranquility : 80% of the costs will be reimbursed up to 2000 € in case of accident and illness. You get more with this formula in the year of a vaccine, flea / ticks, dewormer, hygiene product, health check, sterilization, descaling, euthanasia, death benefit of 150 €.     
    Dog from 42,80 € per month
    Cat from 34,30 € per month
  • - Serenity : 100% of the costs will be reimbursed up to 2000 € in case of accident and illness.     You also benefit with this formula in the year of a vaccine, flea / tick, dewormer, hygiene product, health check, sterilization, descaling, euthanasia, death benefit of 250 € .
         Dog from 59,80 € per month
    Cat from 47,90 € per month.

Even if you plan to go on vacation with your hairball, it will be covered worldwide for a maximum of 6 consecutive months.

Once the subscription is made, and waiting periods respected (48h for accidents and 70 days for a continuous illness), it is very simple and fast.

Simply log on to Assuveto, download your treatment sheet to your personal space, have it filled out by your veterinarian and send it to Swisslife (who is our insurer for this product) by mail or mail so that the refund is made within 10 to 15 days only.

Subscription at Assurvéto is possible for your dogs and cats from 3 months to 8 years (-1 day) of your pet, but once insured your pet can be until the age of your choice. From the age of 10, we will reduce the benefits of your formula by half.

We will not be able to cover:

  • - Category 1 dogs     
  • - Working dogs     
  • - Hunting dogs     
  • - Dogs or cats with congenital diseases     
  • - The care due to an illness or accident happened before the subscription.

For any question, or for a subscription do not hesitate to contact us by phone, mail or contact form in the section: Contact us .