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Assurmix is a ski and sports insurance broker specialist in Europe. (Leisure, competitions, off-piste / extreme sports). Assurmix is an insurance product designer in the field of sport, travel, cancellation insurance, and affinity products (Ski, paragliding, Kite-surfing, hiking, mountain biking,...).

'Assurski.fr' and 'Assurski.com' sites offer to the public different products through the company Assurmix owner of the brand Assurski.

The present legal notice define the conditions of use of the sites of the company ASSURMIX and the different services offered.

Director of publication :

Richard Echevarria
Assurmix, 3 rue de Liège 75009 PARIS

Publisher :

This site is produced by Assurmix headquarters, 3 rue de Liège 75009 PARIS
Insurance and reinsurance intermediary registered under the ORIAS No 11062302

SARL with a capital of 50 000 EUROS
R.C.S. Paris B 53314167700013 - APE 672 Z

Assurmix subscribed a Professional Civil liability and financial guarantee contract complying with regulations of the French insurance Code: articles L512-6 and L512-7.
Assurmix is governed by the French Insurance Code and subject to the Insurance regulation authority, ACAM – 61, rue Taitbout 75009 Paris cedex 09

Hosting :

This site is hosted by Assurmix, headquarters, 3 rue de Liège 75009 PARIS.
By accessing this site, you acknowledge having read these provisions and you agree to respect them.

I- Personal date protection

Recipients and use of personal information :

The sites 'www.assurmix.fr' 'www.assurmix.com' 'www.assurski.fr' 'www.assurski.com' are the websites of the company ASSURMIX,

Computer processing of personal data from this site have been declared to the CNIL (No. 1556201 v 0).
Accordance with the Data Protection Act of 06 January 1978, you have a right to access, and if necessary correction of personal information about you in our files by contacting in writing to: ASSURMIX - 3 rue de Liège 75009 PARIS.

II- Respect for human

Copyrights photos and illustrations :

All rights of photos and illustrations, owner of the website 'www.assurmix.fr.' 'www.assurmix.com' 'www.assurski.fr' 'www.assurski.com' are reserved. Any reproduction or use of photos and illustrations of the site other than the individual and private consultation are prohibited unless authorized.

Copyrights contents :

All rights of the content owner's website 'www.assurmix.fr.' 'www.assurmix.com' 'www.assurski.fr' 'www.assurski.com' are reserved. Any reproduction or use of the site content other than the individual and private consultation are prohibited unless authorized. Site Content and the graphic are the property of ASSURMIX or are used by the network of distributors and partners in ASSURMIX agreement of copyright holders.
Any use not expressly permitted involves a violation of copyright and constitutes infringement. ASSURMIX reserves the right to take legal action that may result in civil and / or criminal liability of the perpetrator of these violations.

III – Use of Cookies

'Cookies' are small files temporarily saved in a predefined directory of the User's computer. The Publisher Sites uses files called 'cookies' in order to have anonymous statistics attendance Sites and its different sections.
In any event, the User can configure his computer so that files called 'cookies' are systematically refused by the browser or expressly authorized by the User. In order to provide practical information on options available in their browser, users should consult the section 'Your traces' of the site of the French authority for protection of personal data, at https://www. cnil.fr.

Note: If the user refuses cookies, sections of sites that require authentication of the user throughout navigation will be unavailable.

IV - Identifier Code and confidence

The ID and PIN are strictly personal and confidential. It is the responsibility of the User to keep them, keep them secret and not disclose it to anyone. Otherwise the user will be responsible for the consequences of its disclosure or use by third parties.
If lost or forgotten the code confidential and / or user name, the User must complete the identification form made available on the Sites allowing it to receive by email his confidential code and / or Login.
Responsibility of ASSURMIX can not be liable for the consequences that would result from fraudulent or abusive use of the Identifier Code or confidential.

Concomitant use of user name and code of confidentiality is the sole proof of identity of the User and consent to the treatment of the transaction.
Records within the information system are also ASSURMIX ASSURMIX and the User for any such operations.

V- Apply Online

To subscribe the user must follow the instructions at each stage of its subscription online. Each step requires a validation of its share to access the next step. During the subscription, the user can always make corrections by reversing the previous steps using the link provided for this purpose. The subscription is finalized once the user has validated electronically collecting needs and the subscription request. Once the purchase is finalized, the User will receive a confirmation email to the email address it will release during its subscription certifying the registration of the subscription by the Company ASSURMIX concerned. This email contains a link that allows the user to regain access to its entire application folder is stored in a secure database and accessible from the space provided on the Sites.

VI- Responsibilities

ASSURMIX cannot be held responsible :
for damages of any kind, direct or indirect, result of the content and / or access and / or use of the site including but not limited to, any loss of business, loss of programs, data loss, deterioration or viruses that may infect computer equipment or other property of the site user, technical or other problems making access to the site difficult or impossible and random whatever the cause and origin.


The information provided on this site are provided for guidance and general.
Necessarily condensed, they can never be opposed to Assurmix when an event makes its guarantees in. The only enforceable definition of these guarantees included in the General and Special Conditions of Contract.
The simulations presented on the site have been designed to deliver information purposes only which have no contractual value. This information can not be treated as advice.

Link to other sites :

ASSURMIX provides links from its websites to other websites affiliated or not. The ASSURMIX do not edit or control such sites which are independent. Therefore, it can not be responsible for their content, products, advertising or any elements or services they offer. These sites remain subject to their own terms of use and policies to protect privacy.

Responsibility of the user:

The user is liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to any third party including ASSURMIX because of the use or the illicit exploitation of the site itself or one of its elements and consequences of the complaints or legal actions he could, therefore, be.

VII- Law waiver and conditions

In accordance with French regulations in force concerning distance selling, the User has the option to waive its subscription by registered mail with return receipt addressed to the Company ASSURMIX concerned at the address shown on the general conditions of contract which were awarded during its subscription within 14 days from the date of insurance cover.
The contract will cease on the date of receipt of waivers from the contributions already paid will be refunded, except those corresponding to the warranty period has already elapsed.

To do this, the user can use the sample letter below :
« I, M. ........................................ (name, address)
relinquish my insurance ………………………..(name of contract)
n°..............................(service number listed on the membership certificate or special conditions)
I had subscribed to the distance ........................................
Done at …...........…… on ……….….......... Signature : ..........……… »

If benefits have been paid under the contract, the user can not exercise its right of cancellation.