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Assurski - Accueil Quick and easy Ski insurance

Assurski is the ski insurance specialist in Europe. (Leisure, amateur competitions, families, off-road / extreme sports)

Accidents are common when practicing winter sports such as Skiing and Snowboarding and they can happen at any time even to the best of us.
Search and Rescue expenses can be difficult to afford and despite popular belief, these guarantees are either poorly covered or not covered at all by your different insurance policies.

We have custom designed guarantees that allow you to practice freely all kinds of winter sports and extreme sports.
With Assurski it’s easier than ever to contact and report an accident and to experience immediate assistance 24/7.

The benefits of the AssurSki snow insurance:
  • Sport Civil Liability in France and abroad.
  • No cash advance in case of an accident; Search and Rescue Costs, including helicopter, ambulance and hospitalization.
  • Guarantees designed and adapted to winter sports and summer sports as well (for yearly product).
  • Immediate coverage, no waiting time for the subscription! Insurance certificate available online.
  • Online Snow Insurance products adapted to the needed period, from daily to annual coverage.
  • Medical expenses up to 1 500 € in Europe.

Ski insurance cheaper than in resort.
IPhone / Android Applications for any last minute insurance, anywhere anytime.
An insurance contract secured by the No. 1 in Assistance.

The annual insurance card (49.99 €) covers winter sports, snow insurance (alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, freeride skiing, backcountry skiing ...) and summer sports (mountain biking, DH, hiking, trekking, canyoning) Aerial sports Insurance (*), motorsport insurance (*) and extreme sports.

Assurski makes the Sport Insurance subscription easier. Quality is at the heart of our concern; Assurski is a simple, fast and cheap way to be insured.

(*) Upon request to Assurmix.

Assurski - Accueil You need to know : Winter Sports rules