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Yes, Assurski covers all search and rescue costs related to a ski or snowboard accident up to a limit of € 25,000. This can cover 100% of the casualty's transport costs except in very exceptional cases, which is not part of the use of the product (far-off expeditions in Arctic or Antarctic areas to give an example).

It should be known that the helicopter is frequently used in France now as soon as the means of type trays must take a lift to reach the station. The cost of helicopter rescue costs about € 55 per minute, or € 3,300 per hour.

During off-road rescue, the helicopter is still used, even if it is an off-piste porch tracks.

It is therefore better understood why Assurski is needed to cope with these important expenses.

Conventional on-piste rescue and the use of trays cost between 150 € and 650 € in the most remote areas of the ski resort. To this must sometimes add the cost of the ambulance to the doctor's office.

Off-piste skiing is covered without the need of a qualified instructor (ski instructor).

The ski insurance of high-end bank cards is a complementary guarantee to the card and not a specialized coverage in sports insurance.

The ski insurance of high-end bank cards covers only the sportsman on the French territory. If you go abroad, you are not covered.
In the event of an accident, you must make a cash advance (mountain expenses are expensive) and wait for the refund.
Off-piste skiing coverage is limited (check coverage conditions).
The package is not refunded in case of loss or theft , but only in case of an accident.
No coverage for disability and death.
You must have paid your package and your insurance with your credit card.

If you enter all these conditions, the insurance of your credit card will suffice.

Yes ! This is one of the strengths of Assurski insurance in its annual version. You pay 49.99 euros and you are covered for (almost) all sports, including extreme (except the air and motor sports that are covered in our product Assursport )

If you're a big thrill-seeker and enjoy snowboarding, BMX, off-piste skiing, canyoning, climbing or scuba diving, our annual Assurski package is made for you !

A big advantage of Assurski insurance: it covers you for extreme sports, including when you do not have a guide or instructor (a requirement of many other insurance products).

The exceptions of Assurski in its annual version are as follows: mountaineering over 5000 meters, skeleton, bobsleigh, Olympic luge, caving and sport hunting (dangerous animals). Aerial and motorized sports are available in our Assursport product or you can benefit from winter sports warranties as well.

For everything else, Assurski is the winter sports and summer sports insurance you need !

You can subscribe online in a secure way directly from https://www.assurmix.com/ski-insurance
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Ski insurance is often equated with downhill skiing or even cross-country skiing, but at Assurski your ski insurance goes well beyond that! Indeed, we know that winter sports fans often have versatile sports activities.

First of all, you have to be aware that skiing and / or snowboarding are risky sports, in and of themselves. In France, over the duration of the ski season, accidents are generally more than 130,000 throughout the territory (data from the Association Médecins de Montagne). Going on a winter sports holiday without having adequate insurance can therefore cost you a lot.

It has been several weeks since you only thought about it: your winter sports holidays! But fate sometimes upset our plans ... From the first day of downhill on the slopes, you have an accident. You're doing well, but not your skis. One of them literally broke in two.

If you are a fan of skiing or snowboarding, you probably know the high value that the equipment can have! A good snowboard quickly turns around 250 euros without bindings, and skis according to their specificities can exceed 500 euros (especially ski touring).

Your Assurski ski insurance includes a reimbursement component of the ski pass, as well as a reimbursement component for ski lessons. These guarantees can be implemented as soon as you are victims of a ski or snowboard accident that forces you to be repatriated or prevents you from any outdoor activity.

As with any insurance, you will probably wonder if ski insurance is necessary. You think you are well covered by your health insurance and your health insurance, and you do not see the benefit of complementary ski insurance. It is important to understand the risks involved in winter sports and the costs that may be your responsibility.