logo - faq I was robbed. What can insurance do for me ?

If you are a fan of skiing or snowboarding, you probably know the high value that the equipment can have! A good snowboard quickly turns around 250 euros without bindings, and skis according to their specificities can exceed 500 euros (especially ski touring). Suffice to say that being stolen skis or board can really hurt your wallet ... You're probably wondering what is in terms of insurance. You should know that ski insurance such as Assurski cover you for accidents (physical and material damage), but generally not for theft. In case of theft, you can in certain cases, play your home multi-risk (HRH) insurance: this is the case if your equipment is stolen following the break-in of a ski locker. On the other hand, if you get stolen while stopped at a high altitude cafe, then the HRM does not cover you.

The case is different if it is rented equipment. During your ski hire, you can take out the breakage and theft insurance that will cover you for any incident related to the equipment borrowed. It should be known that in matters of ski or snowboard flight, are almost always concerned last generation equipment (less than 3 years old). If you rent older equipment, or your own skis are already a few years old, it does not risk much !