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Don't let your sport Insurance on the side … prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Yes, Assursport covers all search and rescue costs related to a skiing or snowboard accident up to a limit of € 50,000. This allows to cover 100% of the transport costs of the injured except very exceptional case, which is not part of the use of the product (Far Expeditions in Arctic or Antarctic areas to give an example).

It should be known that the helicopter is frequently used in France now as soon as the means of type trays must take a lift to reach the station. The cost of helicopter rescue costs around € 55 per minute, or 3,300 € per hour.

Abroad, as in Switzerland or Austria, the use of the helicopter is almost systematic..

During off-road rescue, the helicopter is still used, even if it is an off-piste porch tracks.

It is therefore easier to understand why Assurski is needed to cope with these important expenses.

Conventional on-piste rescue and the use of trays cost between 150 € and 650 € in the most remote areas of the ski resort. To this must sometimes add the cost of the ambulance to the doctor's office.

ASSURSPORT covers skiers and Snowboarders off-piste, including during an heli-skiing trip and on all freeride activities. Assursport covers all these practices without the need of having an instructor with you (Ski Instructor or Mountaineering guide)

The sport insurance of high-end bank cards is a complementary guarantee to the card and not a specialized coverage in sports insurance.

The sport insurance of high-end bank cards covers only the sportsman on the French territory. If you go abroad, you are not covered.
In the event of an accident, you must make a cash advance (mountain expenses are expensive) and wait for the refund.
Off-piste skiing coverage is limited (check coverage conditions).
The package is not refunded in case of loss or theft , but only in case of an accident.
No coverage for disability and death.
You must have paid your package and your insurance with your credit card.

If you enter all these conditions, the insurance of your credit card will suffice.

The annual ASSURSPORT card have two level of insurrances :

  • Basic - Cover all sports excepts machine and aerial sports
  • Sports aériens et mécaniques - Cover all sports include machine and aerial sports

The only sports excludes from the two levels of insurrance are :
Climbing above 6000 meters, Skeleton, Bobsleigh, Olympic Luge, Caving, Dangerous animals hunting

You can easily and securely subscribe online, directly on the website https://www.assurmix.com/sport-insurance

You will receive an e-mail with:

  • Here is your login and password to connect to the client area. (Check the spam and junk mail in case you didn’t receive it).
  • Your sport Insurance certificate

Do not hesitate to contact the ASSURSPORT hotline in case you need help to complete your online checkout at:

+ 33 1 82 28 55 93

You can download the application form and return it by mail alongside your payment (Bank check)..