Logo Assursport In case of a claim

  To be taken in charge by the assistance

  • First, contact IMPERATIVELY the first aids.

  • Then contact us (24h/24 - 7j/7) for coverage

  • To have a better processing of your file, please mention your contract number.

Declare to us the loss within 5 days of your knowledge, except fortuitous event or force majeure

 TO BE REIMBURSED, you have to :

Send the claim report completed with all necessary documents in justification concerning your request within 5 working days.

Assursport - Accident
3 rue de Liège
75009 PARIS


To have a better processing of your file, please mention your number of contract


You will lose all your benefits if we suffer penalties due to the non-following of the registration claim process timeframe.

Attach to your registration claim the following documents:

  • The insurance contract or its copy
  • The initial medical certificate indicating the nature and consequences of the injuries or illness.
  • A declaration indicating precisely the circumstances of the accident.
  • All necessary documents needed to handle your claim...

We thank you for informing us about similar insurance covers, subscribed with other insurers and covering similar risks.

Send us, on first demand and as soon as possible, all necessary documents including the consolidation certificate after a broken bone.

Accept to pass the medical visit with our expert-doctor If needed.