logo - faq Off-piste : Am I covered by ASSURSPORT ?

Off-piste skiing is a special case when it comes to handling accidents. Indeed, all accidents that occur outside the ski area are deemed to be the responsibility of relief organized by the State: high mountain policemen, CRS Mountain or mountain groups of firefighters. When one of these three bodies intervenes, the care is "free" because it is the responsibility of the state (in fact, it is therefore your taxes that cover them).

In fact, you should know that since the Mountain Law of 2016, all areas accessible from ski lifts and "gravitarily falling into the ski area" can be considered as ski area. In other words, the off-piste is now very often assimilated to the ski area. However, on this perimeter are the emergency services (pay) chosen by the municipality will intervene.

If you are a fan of off-piste skiing or snowboarding, it is highly recommended to use ski insurance so that you are well covered in the event of a freeride accident. Assursport offers a complete coverage package, whether you are on the slopes, off-piste, with or without a guide. Our offer includes a search and rescue component, including the use of a helicopter, which covers up to 50,000 euros. But remember that before each off-piste, it is especially important to observe some precautions! Watch the weather and avalanche risks, equip yourself with an ARVA device or equivalent, and especially not leave alone.