logo - faq Guarantees included in my credit card

First, the real question is: Are you really covered by your credit card? Indeed, there are few users to know in detail the insurance and guarantees included in their visa or mastercard.

What you need to know: "gold / platinum" or "prime" cards usually cover you well for your ski vacation. Search and rescue expenses or care expenses are reimbursed, for example. However, you will need to activate these guarantees have paid your vacation with the card, otherwise the insurance will not play. Attention also to the files to be filled after accident; obtaining the refund can be laborious.

If, on the other hand, you only hold a classic Visa, you do not benefit from snow and mountain insurance. In this case, it is therefore highly recommended to take out ski insurance. The classic Mastercard offers a cover for search and rescue costs (with a ceiling limited to 5000 euros, which may not be sufficient depending on the case).

And a major point to take into account with the use of credit cards, in an accident, you have very difficult access to the emergency number or the details of the guarantees. Failure to be 100% sure of support for several thousand Euros is a risky decision.

The Assursport benefits: the ski insurance that we propose accompanies you in all the losses likely to occur during your holidays in the snow, and this in the whole world. Another added value: Assursport covers search and rescue costs for runway safety. You do not have money to move forward in the event of an accident.