logo - faq Is ski insurance also responsible for ski touring ?

ski insurance is often equated with downhill skiing or even cross-country skiing, but at Assurski your ski insurance goes well beyond that! Indeed, we know that winter sports fans often have versatile sports activities. That's why we have created an offer that covers many sports in your practice, including ski touring. Because when you love the mountains, skiing and hiking, nothing beats thinking outside the box and going on an adventure in the mountains.

Ski touring is the guarantee of discovering the mountain differently, in pristine landscapes where you will hardly meet anyone. But of course, this type of sport is not free of danger. Since ski touring is practiced on unmarked and unsupervised tracks, particular attention must be paid to the risk of accidents. Always remember to warn your loved ones of his plans, never leave alone and always be equipped with at least a probe, a shovel and an ARVA.

At Assurski, we cover the costs of search and rescue, even for ski touring, and will cover health costs if your accident causes injuries and injuries. Check out the list of our guarantees right now.