logo - faq Why do you need to take ski insurance ?

As with any insurance, you will probably wonder if ski insurance is necessary. You think you are well covered by your health insurance and your health insurance, and you do not see the benefit of complementary ski insurance. It is important to understand the risks involved in winter sports and the costs that may be your responsibility.

A crucial point is the cost of search and rescue. Whether you are injured off-piste or on the slopes, you will need to send a rescue team to search for you. It can sometimes be a simple stretcher, but it can also be the setting up of a complex device with helicopter, research team, etc. especially for those practicing the off-piste. If in some cases, it is the relief of the State that will intervene, most of the time it will be the relief ordered by the station. But if you are not insured, this can quickly represent a significant cost.

Other interest of your ski insurance: it covers you in case of breakage of your equipment, in case of repatriation and if you are repatriated, your winter sports insurance also reimburses you in proportion to the ski pass and the ski lessons not used. Your vacation rental will also be refunded on a pro-rata basis for unused days.

The relief costs can be significant, will be supported up to € 25 000 !