logo - faq I broke my skis : Can ski insurance cover my expenses ?

It has been several weeks since you only thought about it: your winter sports holidays! But fate sometimes upset our plans ... From the first day of downhill on the slopes, you have an accident. You're doing well, but not your skis. One of them literally broke in two. Should your winter sports week stop there? Surely not ! By taking out ski insurance such as Assurski, you benefit from taking charge of your ski rental, in case of breakage of your own equipment. Assurski guarantees you up to 180 euros rental, or 8 days rental.

And if the worst-case scenario was repeated, that is, you broke the rented equipment? It is generally advisable to take out the ski hire insurance, which will protect you against any risk of breakage or theft.

But as far as your own equipment is concerned, Assurski remains one of the best options on the market, with its very competitive price !